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I asked my art whore friend Kay to draw a part of the rp :3 I didn't have many logs on my laptop so I just picked this one D: yay Xing insanity~ A few things were changed or cut out cuz I wasn't totally anal about it and she was being lazy 8D;;

But it's still cute and lolworthy imo

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Here are the LJs that I'm going to give to the comm. Give them away to whomever. I'm still working on logging in and changing all of the passwords, but the password for all of these by tommorow sometime should be: gggtig1

Hwichan - hwihwipotter
Sunday - softvoicesunday
Umma - ummadearest
Jang Riin - zhang_liyin
Ryeowook - wookie_wookemz
Kevin - ilovexing
Henry - 14thmmberofsuju
Tak Jaehoon - chicken_tako
BlackBeat Jihoon - no1jihoon
Shoo - dragonflydesu
Christina Chu - be_my_l_o_v_e
Lee Jung - leejungizdaman
Eru - erutarded
Peter Hyun - peterhyunbaby
Hero - supersmashhero
Gina - sexyginajane
KilGun - mynameis_kg

The rp... I'm sorry I had to leave. I have a lot going on right now, and I just can't devote the amount of time this rp requires... I'm sorry there were misunderstandings. And I'm sorry I got a little bitchy. But I do want you all to know that this place meant a lot to me. And I'm definitely not leaving because I'm lazy, or because I'm too busy with other rps. I just can't do it anymore... can't think of new ideas, can't keep up. ...idek.

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I'm not sure if any of you still read this but I'm sick of it and it needs to be said since no one else wants to step up and be hated for it. I'm pretty good at it so here we go :3

I know we don't reinforce the rules all that much...I was hoping we wouldn't have to -o-


And whoever else is in this rp...I get confused... has Eva done anything recently? ...Let me get to the point.

You either start posting/rping or quit.

Have a problem with this? MSN me. I'll be glad to tell it to your face :3

P.S. This does not mean, however, that you can post for one day and slack off for weeks. If you do that, I won't hesitate to get rid of your characters. This rp is here for us to have fun. If no one posts, how can any of us have fun? Of course if there's something that's somehow preventing you from rping for a while (ie. college studies, internet loss, etc.) then post it here so I don't think you're just being lazy. Thanks for reading.

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I got reallly bored and decided to make a collage of alll the kcrack chars :D

but thennnnn my friend wanted it as a wallpaper. sooo. Yeah. o__o

Go Ara's on there twice. *too lazy to fix it* Maybe I'll fix it later. :D;;

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EMI-DESU HERE. just gonna inform everyone on the rp here that I am currently on HIATUS because of computer issues at home (hard drives are bad... probably will not be back before christmas... sorry). just so you all know and don't think I'm, like, you know, dead or ignoring you. I am alive, but just...computer/laptop-less. Sorry! ilu all, and i miss you all greatly.

I hope everyone has a great christmas, and new years (omg,Ihopei'mbackbeforethenlol) and whatever holiday you celebrate!